Coppermine Press


Book Formatting

To start work, I’ll need you to submit your final book version in a word document. Don’t worry if you have it in PDF or another format but word format is preferred.

The word document is the raw material of the book. I will review the style of the book and check for any errors. To keep the costs down, I will assume the author has reviewed the work multiple times and made sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. I can offer a service to check this if required.

I will then carefully convert your entire work into both digital and print-ready files. These files will contain your beautifully formatted book, ready for upload to Amazon and any other online retailers. This means your book can be purchased as a paperback or as a digital download onto any device that can read Kindle ebooks.

Once this stage is complete, it’s time to design a stunning book cover that will make readers take notice of your book.

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