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Steps to Publish a Book - How it Works

OK, so you want to publish your book but don’t know where to start. This happens to many writers. Well, the good news is you came to the right place. Here are the simple steps to publish a book with Coppermine Press.

I’ve been publishing since 2009 when I published my first title High Road to Tibet. I’ve since helped many writers become published authors by using the hard-won skills and experience I earned over the years. I would recommend first reading this excellent article on the detailed steps to publish a book. Reading this will benefit any writer hoping to publish their work.

Here are the high-level steps to publish your book. Click on the links to read a more detailed description of what’s involved in each step. If you don’t find the answers you need, you can check the frequently asked questions page or drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.

  1. Talk to me about your book. The more I know about your book, the better. What are your hopes for the book? Where do you want it be be sold? Is it for your family only or to be sold worldwide? Knowing this and much more will be a great start.
  2. Format your book. I will take your book and format it into a beautiful print-ready interior PDF that will satisfy the print requirements of all major online retailers such as Amazon. If required, I will also generate digital ebook files ready for distribution on a wide range of platforms.
  3. Design your book cover. Once the book interior is created, it’s time to design an attractive book cover that will instantly attract readers. Readers ALWAYS judge a book by its cover so this is a very important step.
  4. Create your book matter. This steps includes writing a compelling book description and choosing some search keywords to help readers find your book online. You can optionally also add acknowledgements, dedications and other front and back book matter.
  5. Publication. We’re now ready to publish. I’ll guide you through the steps of adding your files and book matter, setting your book price and publishing.
  6. Celebrate. Yes, celebrate! You are now one of the select few who can say they are a published author.
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