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I’ve taken the most common questions I get from clients and posted them here. I hope you find your answer to your question here but if you don’t, please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you with an answer.


Getting Started

This really depends on the length of the book, if there are any images or photos, artwork, or any special requirements.

For an accurate quote, complete the form on this page and I’ll provide you with an idea of costs.

It depends on the amount of work needed for each book. If there’s no major editing involved, no photos or artwork or long cover design process, it should be possible to have the complete book ready in eight weeks or less.

Not at this moment but try me!

Common Questions

I don’t offer any proofreading service at this moment but plan to in the near future. It’s up to each author to make sure their work is ready for publication. That means edited and proofread a number of times.

While I don’t currently offer any spelling or grammar checking service, I do run all books through a simple spelling and grammar checker. I will notify authors about any possible spelling or grammar mistakes before proceeding to publication.

 How much you charge is up to you! However, it’s a good idea to see what books similar to yours are changing and set your price to something similar.

While most paperbacks are between ten and twenty euros, an ebook of the same title will costs less, maybe between four and ten euros.

With Amazon KDP, you’ll have full access to a sales dashboard that gives details on the number of books sold, royalties earned and lots of other information on your book.

Once you start selling your book online, you’ll be paid directly into your back account as set in your Amazon KDP account.

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