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Ten to Keep

Ten to Keep

What unexpected consequences could happen if you travelled back in time to change the world?
How much would you sacrifice to keep an illicit secret?
Who’s making mistakes that could cost this spy his life?

From the imagination of T.M. O’Leary comes a collection of ten short stories that will entertain and leave you spell-bound.
This book contains ten short stories with beautiful illustrations concerning everything from snipers to time-travel:

St. Catherine’s: How will a detective with over thirty years of experience feel when he has to rely on a psychic medium to help him solve a baffling case?
Dying to paint: In life, they are people who just can’t say no. Trust me, its murder but “it’s never too late to start “
Love thy neighbour and die-self: Revenge can be a powerful tool to feel good, but sometimes the cost can be too great.
Sr. Timothy the Irish Knight: Taking a secret to the grave with you is hard, but if the truth were to be known who would believe such a fascinating story of life adventure, & love.
Tears in the scope: A battle between one young man’s life after the death of his parents resulting in a battle between himself and a corporate body with devastating consequences.
The bent penny: How much would you sacrifice to keep the love between your wife and your secret lover?
The Girl with the Pigeon: One man’s actions are tested in a very modern world where there is a fine line between madness or psychic abilities.
The Great Deception: The smallest mistake can be deadly for this World War Two spy, but who’s making the mistake?
The Third Cross: Set in biblical times, a great impression is made by the most unlikely person.
Tick Tock Tick Tick: Would you change the world if you could travel back in time? What devastating and unexpected consequences would those actions have?

These stories will stay with you long after the last page is turned. Delve into the world of T.M. O’Leary and come back wanted more.


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Tim O'Leary

T.M. O’Leary was born in Cork City, Ireland. Following in the footsteps of his father and Author J.C. O’Leary, Tim began writing at a very young age. What many people don’t know is that Tim has written over fifty songs, all of which were recorded and generated numerous airplay on Irish and European national radio stations. In recent times, Tim has turned his hand to writing short stories where this his first book “Ten to Keep” is a combination of what could be described as “Realistic dreams or unrealistic fantasies”. Also over the past twenty-six years Tim has been constantly working on his cartoon strip “Pillow Talk” where over one hundred examples of his “funnies” can be seen through Instagram under pillowtalkcomicstrip
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